About Us
Memecoins are currently seeing a real revival and also long-term potential in the cryptosphere, Dogecoin paving the way. Egyptian MAU, in essence, is a charity token that aims to use the power of crypto and the blockchain to help people make a change in the world. The project was developed to use the influence of memes to bring about this change. We believe the future of finance, economy and politics is decentralization and true democracy. To take away the centralized power of the so-called elites and give it back to the people.
CATS NFTโ€™S One of the most exciting projects we have in the roadmap is the Rescued Cats NFTโ€™s. We will rescue cats all over the world and turn them into beautiful NFTโ€™s people can own on the blockchain โ€” Complete with each rescued catโ€™s name, appearance and their story of where they came from and how they were rescued. The cats are coming. Mau Token aims to be a decentralized, community driven cryptocurrency with a purpose to help cat shelters and charities all over the world. Community driven cryptocurrency also means that we will have a vote staking system, where people can stake their MAU Tokens to take part in polls to choose the direction of our first charity project.
Egyptian MAU NFTโ€™s
Our largest project in the works is our NFT marketplace. We will allow users to create and buy/auction their own NFTs and plan to allow users to donate a % to helping save cats.
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